Katy Bird


Katy Bird Hypnotherapy offers hypnotic counselling with a fully certified Conversational Hypnotherapist.

Initial Session $220.00 1.5 hours (excludes quit smoking)

Ongoing Sessions $180.00 1 hour

Quit Smoking $ 250.00 1-2 hours

Unlike regular counselling, Hypnotherapy provides long lasting and even permanent results in a fast and safe way. CALL TODAY to see how quickly you can improve your life with Hypnotic Counselling


You are an individual and although many people may have the same problems as you, the reasons are very different. This therapy is tailored to suit you.

Services Include but are not limited to :

  • Weight Loss 2 sessions generally
  • Quit Smoking 1 session generally
  • Greif and loss minimum of 2 sessions
  • Anxiety and stress disorders minimum of 2 sessions
  • Motivation minimum of 1 session
  • Adjustment after a major life change minimum of 2 sessions
  • Business coaching minimum of 1 session
  • Memory improvement minimum of 1 session
  • Pregnancy and birth preparation minimum of 2 sessions
  • Hypno birthing only for pregnancy clients
  • Sexual problems minimum of 2 sessions

You can call me to have a no obligation chat about what you would like to work on, or just to ask questions, If you're not sure what you would like to work on, but you just want to feel better.