Katy Bird


I just thought I would check in to say I am now 18 days smoke free since the only one appointment I had with Katy on the 4/1/17 I was a long term smoker 40 yrs I smoked right up til my app time which was 2.15 pm and never had a smoke since I left appointment I will never go back to it now.

‎Lesley Irvine
Had my final appointment this morning and feel so much happier, stronger, fitter, confident & certainly healthier. If anyone is wavering do I or don't I , will Hypnotherapy work and you have depression, anxiety, any mental illness ring Katie now. It will work. You will get control of your life back with her help. I have and can only get even healthier. As I am not stressed I am not eating for comfort so a big bonus & with a little boost from Hypnotherapy my weight is slowly coming off. I haven't been able to move an ounce while I have been so stressed. Don't hesitate...become the person you want to be with Katie's help.
Thanks does not seem enough for the changes you have helped me achieve Katie but "Thank you!"

Heather Bell
I would like to give a update months after seeing katey. She said I was going to have a better life than I have before i got sick as my old life didnt work for me. She was right i have no depression etc and just started a new job in personal care at the age of 46 something i have always wanted to do and kicking goals every week and planning for the future. I can honestly say that if I hadn't found katey i wouldn't have had a future i would have ended up taking my own life so there really is light at the end of the tunnel i carnt thank katey enough.

Jenny currie

Thankyou katy so much.I had my doubts after our session thinking no way is this going to work and what a waste of money.My goodness what a change you have made to my life and how easy it is changing my way of thinking of what l am putting into my body.Thankyou.l would highly recomend your services.

Carol Elliott

katy saved my life and gave me back a life worth living after only 4 sessions she saved me for the life of hell i was living so if you have depression ,anxiety PTS or PNP shes the lady you need to see.I had all the doctors i saw give up on me has meds alone wouldn't work for me and a friend saw katies page and said why dont you try her and it worked.

Jenny currie
Thanks Katy. It has changed my whole life and the way I relate to food and exercise. i am happier and healthier, with so much more energy since our sessions for weight loss. I am losing weight with ease and making healthier choices.

Rosina Anderson

Although being a true sceptic, I went to see Katy with an open mind to the process. What a powerful, rewarding and professional experience! I have learnt a lot about myself and am seeing the effective changes in my life from the two sessions I had. I would recommend Horsham Hypnotherapy, I mean what have you got to lose? The mind is a very powerful thing.......

Sarah Kelm

I have never had hypnotherapy before and after just the first session with Katy have had absolutely amazing results that I still can't believe!!! Highly recommend you give it a go, might just be the change you need in your life like me...

Kate Hair

Katy is lovely, she made me feel at ease straight away and I didn't feel uncomfortable once. I have never tried hypnotherapy before so I had no idea what to expect and right off the bat we had a giggle about societies stereotypes of hypnosis. (*) (*) (*) (*) (*)

JoJo Crellin

Hi Katy its Julie just letting you know Iam going great guns ....eating healthy and excersing feeling so much better thank you

Julie Vallance

Was a wonderful lady and felt so cared for :) will be going again.

Kathy L-Williams